Your Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is our connection with Primal Needs, your basic will to live, and to survive. These are sometime referred to as you Animal Instincts. Its no wonder the color for this energy is RED. This energy source is governed by the Adrenal glands. Think Fire, Passion, Intensity and Rage. This energy point is located at the very base of the spine, on you pelvic floor.

People who have energetic issues here often are people who are quick to react with anger or hurtful actions and words. These are people who may be greedy with their belongings, gluttons with food, or simply overindulgent with worldly possessions. They use Money as Power. It seems they are always taking but never giving.

The First Chakra is associated with feelings of “enough”- either too much or too little. In Financial situations someone whom is seeded into their first Chakra, may experience a sense of Greed, not because they perhaps don’t want to help others; but they live in a fear that they will run out. These people have perhaps lived a childhood of Lack, maybe even in Poverty. Somewhere in their childhood, they vowed they would never lack anything ever again; So they have walked their entire lives building and amassing things, maybe even to the point where they are Hoarding.

Now, some First Chakra discord can happen later in life, they could be circumstantial situations that have caused a person to go into “survival mode”. Say you lost your job, and you were the primary bread winner of your family. This kind of a situation can cause panic in anyones life. This could cause you to feel that  “fight or flight”. The thought of not having to “enough” to provide for your family, can cause this energy point to not close,but actually to flail wide open and send you into a turbulent frenzy.

If you have identified with any other these Character traights, or maybe someone has come to mind. Its because these type of behaviors are very common in todays world. People are stuck in the rat race. Am I saving enough money for Retirement? Do the kids have enough in their college plans? How will I even make ends meet if i don’t make enough money?

Well the good news is, is that YOU are enough. YOU will always have enough to survive and to live. You will have the opportunity to yet again provide for your family. You will remain Safe, and so will those your care for.

Take moment today to reflect of the positive, remind yourself that your have the right to create abundance in your life, and you have to ability enjoy your success in a healthy manor without guilt or shame.

Try to eat something  today. Red, apples, cherries, strawberries, beets or red potatoes. As you consume these foods, envision these nutrients reaching your Root Chakra, the base of your spine.

Repeat this affirmation in your mind as you eat:
I am Peaceful.
I am Protected and secure.
I am rooted and grounded to the earth.
I am Safe and confident.
I am on a true path for this life.
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