Your Sacral Chakra

Your second chakra is connected to Creating and Desire. This energy circle is found just below the belly button. The color for this Chakra is Orange, a color associated with being cheerful, creative, energetic and full of life.

When this energy is spinning in tune, you will be able to create and manifest those things you want in life. You’ll create business opportunities, and find new investments you want to make. You can now imagine yourself putting those plans into action. You want to achieve your financial and personal goals while finding ways to manifest the life of your dreams.
However, when you energy is out of sink, you can feel tired, and blocked creatively. Maybe you hear someone discussing new ideas and business strategies’ and you say to yourself “I wish I could come up with a million dollar idea!” although, the second chakra is not necessary associated with creative thinking, it is the logic and feeling behind the comment. That of which you feel you cannot create the life you want. “something” is blocking you from being successful.

Because the root and sacral energy are so close together they can seem to work in tandem.

You may feel guilty for not doing the things you imagined, even restful for missed opportunities. You may even be overwhelmed with financial burdens due to your feels on wanting more.

If you have identified with any of these characteristics, or someone you know comes to mind, don’t be surprised. Everyday we are bombarded with ads that tells us who we are, how we need to live, and how we should look. Its okay to feel some days that we are not creating the life we really want. We stay in bad relationships out of fear, or we miss opportunities to create abundance because we feel inadequate to succeed.

Take a moment today to reflect on all the things you have. You can enjoy the freedoms of this life, you can find pleasure in the little things. You can create happiness in the life of those around you.

Eat an Orange, Mango, Pumpkin,  Carrots or Sweet Potato. As you eat these foods imagine the vitamins and nutrients going directly to the sacral chakra, just below your belly button. As you enjoy this quite moment, repeat the affirmations below in your mind.

I can express my creativity and my feelings
I am worthy
I can manifest the life I want
I feel a sense on abundance
I am full of creative potential
My senses are aware and connected

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