Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra aka 3rd Chakra, this is also your Power Chakra, this is your will and ability to Do! The 3rd Chakra is located just above the belly button, and its color is Yellow. A Cheerful color associated with warmth, balance, confidence and power.

Have you ever met those power hungry people who say “ i’m working so hard, but I feel like nothing ever gets done!” These are the folks who usually have 3rd chakra issues. Since this energy is associated with action, at times you may feel like you’re running in place.Friends may see you as unreliable, because your intentions are there, but there is a failure to launch. Your frustrations become magnified by feelings of worry and fear. Your may even become depressed because you think you are letting others down.

These blocks can hurt your financial situation, because this will manifest in a pile of bills to review that you haven’t looked at. You become stuck because you just don’t want to ‘do” it now. You have become a procrastinator. You maybe putting off paying off debt, or calling for that refund you are owed, or maybe even to get a discount on a service.

Take a moment today to review where you are putting off important financial matters. Raise your contribution to your 401k, or finally purchase the college savings plans for the kids. It is important to not hesitate on financial decisions.

When your energy is humming along nicely you find that you are confident and reliable. You act responsibly when you are needed; and you can manifest the results to your goals. Your personality is warm and light, and you feel at peace with your decisions.

Often times in life, we feel this stagnant energy, and its ok to feel this once in while. If it lasts for more than a few days you could have some Solar Plexus blockages. Know that these little circles of energy open and close frequently. Hence life ups and downs.

You may want to eat some Banana’s, Pinapples, Corn or Yellow squash. As you consume these imagine the vitamins and healing nutrients reaching your 3rd chakra, and giving you confidence and harmony. You can accomplish what you set your intentions on. You have the ability to Do. You have the courage and the power to succeed. Repeat the following affections to yourself:
I express myself in a powerful way
I am proud of my achievements
I am free to choose my situations
I am courageous
I can do anything I set my mind to

One thought on “Your Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. Sandy is very not only knowledgeable regarding the chakras, but also skillful in Reiki. I was given a session by her, in which not only made me feel comfortable, relaxed and calm, but also provided me with insight as to which of my chakras need more healing. Thank you Sandy!!


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