Anahata Chakra (heart chakra)

The Anahata Chakra, your Heart Chakra, this energy is found in the center of your chest, and its color is Green. This is my favorite Chakra! I’ve spent a lot of time personally working this Chakra. After a divorce and some heart breaks I needed a full heart restoration, So i’m quite savvy on this one, but that’s a story for another Blog post.

The Heart Chakra is obviously associate with love, and feelings, but how does love correlate to finance? Well, it’s not Love of money if thats what you are thinking. The Anahata is the energy that allows emotional purchases to happen. For a woman it could be when she sees an amazing pair of shoes, and she looks at them and says “omg I love these” and she buys them even though she has 6 pairs just ike them. For a man its seeing the newest sports car, and he goes out and buys it without asking anyone because he feels powerful and in control.
How you ‘feel’ about money, your emotional reaction to thoughts about receiving and having financial abundance is attracting and creating your current money situation. Many people make reckless purchases because emotions are at play. Your purchase has moved your emotions and have triggered you to “feel” as certain way. There are many purchases that trigger positive feeling and that are good healthy investments. For example, the purchase of your first home is great and loving time for a family,and  so is the feeling of achievement and pride when you payoff a student loan debt.

If your heart chakra is closed you may feel jealous and tend to play the victim. You don’t taking responsibility for your actions and you blame others. These behavior can cause you to lose friends and often times money. Some negative circumstances are attracted to you because your weakness brings you people who will likely take advantage of you both emotionally and finanically. Learning to love yourself will help keep these people away. Once you practice self love those negative energies will no longer come around again. In turn by taking responsibility and saying no to things you don’t want, it will save you time and money by no longer attracting draining people to you.

Today eat something Green. Grapes, Kiwi, Pears, Spinach or Peas. As you consume these imagine these vitamins and healing nutrients reaching your Heart Chakra filling you with love, and harmony. You are capable of giving love and receiveing  love. You are in control of your emotions, and you respond with kindness.

Repeat the following affermations to yourself:

I am open to Love
I am Loved
I delight in the success of others
I create abundance
I can let go over the past and forgive

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