Your Fifth Chakra (the Throat)

The Fifth Chakra, is also known as your Throat Chakra, Its color is Blue and it is located directly between your larynx and your trachea. This is the energy associated with communication and speaking your truth. How we voice our opinions, how we deliver facts and how we express to others how we feel.

People dislike talking about money, corporations don’t like it when employees speak about their wage earning with others, and many times couples don’t talk about there income or financial struggles, yet “financial troubles” are the leading cause of divorce in the US.

Its important that you feel comfortable enough to ask for help when you are in some financial trouble, or even if you feel like you are going down the wrong money path. No one is perfect and admitting you have some financial sloppiness in the first step in aligning all the other chakras; as well as your financial well being. A healthy throat chakra is signified by how openly and honestly a person expresses themselves.

Being silenced as a child, hence the saying “children are to be seen and not heard” could have contributed to a person’s already shy nature. You may have learned and eventually started to believe that your opinions don’t count. Avoiding situations and not making a choice can also affect the well being of the throat chakra. If you repress your anger (not speaking out) it could manifest itself into laryngitis or similar conditions. We have all experienced that lump in our throats when we feel upset or we may not know how to speak the right words in any given situation, perhaps we even stuff our own emotions.

Learning to speak your truth, and finding your voice in a world where it seems everyone wants to be heard can be a challenge. If you take a moment and listen your heart, you will see the places where you may feel like your opinions and feelings we not validated, maybe even a time where you did not get what your deserved because of fear in speaking up. Perhaps you were overcharged for a service, or you didn’t ask for that raise or promotion you rightfully deserved.

What change can you make today that will allow you to be heard?

Eat blueberries, prunes, red cabbage, or eggplant. It is important that as you consume these foods you chew and swallow your food with awareness and control. Being mindful that you are activating the energies in the throat. Reminding your self as you eat, that you can speak your options, you have a voice, and your thoughts and options matter.

Repeat these affirmations below:

I speak up for myself when I need to
I say what I mean
I mean what I say
I use my words to bless others
I release the habit of gossip
I can express myself in my own unique way

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