Your Sixth Chakra (the Third eye)

The 6th Chakra is more commonly known as the Third Eye Chakra. It’s associated with the color Indigo and with intuition. It is located in the center of your forehead and flows through into the center of the cranium.

Understand, all of the 7 major chakras are energy vortexes that are both emitting and receiving information all day long; meaning all the chakras are intuition portals. But the Third Eye Chakra is the intuition that can come in the form of images, rather than gut feelings (2nd Chakra) or other similar sensations that we correlate with other chakras.

This is the energy responsible for Intuition and the clear visualization of financial abundance. Spending wisely, and using your money in a way to help others.

When we focus our mind and consciousness, we can see beyond the distractions and illusions that are in our lives. We have more insight into creating alignment with our highest good. You will be able to see the masks that people use to disguise their motives by using your intuition.

A common trend with the Third Eye Chakra is people who “see what they want to see” Its very sad knowing the truth in a situation and clearly ignoring it.

Some issues in the third eye chakra is overindulging in a fantasy world while losing touch with reality. Some people are completely delusional about what we need in order to live nourished, meaningful lives, and that type of delusion is what destroys a person’s ability to live that kind of balanced life. As the Cree Indian proverb goes “only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money”.

When the Third Eye is balanced you see everything clearly. You function and make decisions with a sense of neutrality; meaning you are concerned, but not attached to any single outcome; You know you will be OK, no matter what. Often, financial decisions can be based in logical numbers, and facts, but the deciding factor has to be your intuition. You learn to ultimately recognize your inner guide to show you the truth in all your choices.

People are notorious about not trusting their gut when it comes to Money matters. They read countless articles, fact check, run the figures, and then hire a ‘professional’ just to put their trust in the hands of others.

Can you identify a time in your life where you’ve been guilty of this?

Sit in silence for a few moments today and think of that situation. How could you have handled it differently, What will you do next time?

Meditate the below affirmations:

I listen to my intuition
I see clearly
I am guided by my inner vision
I embrace my inner knowing
I am open to spirituality and bliss
I can bring my ideas into reality


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