It’s a Wonderful Life 

Last night I watched for the the first time ever the movie “It’s a wonderful life” …as I watched this beautiful story unfold, I began to think about some situations I’ve been going through personally over the last week; and I found myself relating to George Bailey, dually noted I’m a Banker myself.

When George finds himself overwhelmed by Life- The money is gone, and he is questioning every descion he’s ever made, including taking his own life because ‘he’s worth more dead than alive ‘ The Angel Clarence appears to teach George a lesson and in turn earn his Wings. Clarence says to George “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives…and when he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he? ”

Have you ever thought about how life would be without you in it? Have you thought about the ripple effect and foot prints you’ve left in this life.

Your very own wonderful life is more than just money in the bank and living in the rat race. It’s all about being enlightened and elevating your thoughts to know that not everything can be purchased with money… your Friends, your Health, and the Love that surrounds you.

When you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, and you feel like you’re ready to admit defeat; that is the moment you need to look up, and see everything you have around you. Those intangibles are what truly makes you the richest person on the block.

If your home is filled with laughter, if you have friends which you can count on. If you are healthy and you have a roof over your head, you already are more blessed than many people on this earth.

Every morning when you wake up, if you say “thank you” and set your attitude to have gratitude. You will begin see the blessing of abundance all around you.

When you take your eyes of the green back, the plastic cards, and the jingling of change in your pockets, you will be begin to attract true financial abundance.

You know why? Because now you begin to see that you already have the most important things. Things that money can’t buy.

So as you wrap up your Christmas shopping this week, and your scrambling searching for the perfect gift. PAUSE!

PAUSE to say Thank you. Thank you for the family and friends you have in your life. Thank you because there are people your life to love, and love you in return.

That’s the true gift of abundance, and after all, that is what truly makes life wonderful.

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