We attract what we think we Deserve

People are always saying they wish they had better relationships in Love, but what about relationships with their finances?

Everyone always seems to want more money, and the peace of mind that goes along with it. Some people just want the ability to have more things, and the status that comes with being affluent. Basically put, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just speak more openly to our families and friends about financial hardships and success alike? The issue is that just like in life-so rings true with our Financial situations; Your unconscious attracts and creates your reality; You get what you need-not what you want.

This week we will help you get to the root cause of your relationship with your money. What is your deal? What’s the story behind your money mindset? Your story could be so deeply seeded into your being, that you may not even realize that you are creating many of your financial set backs. Until you really start to think about what your issues are, you will only continue to get what you think you deserve. What are you constantly telling yourself that you can and cannot have-and why? All those thoughts have created the cycle or patterns of spending and saving. This is the story we continue to replay in our minds day after day. Your unconscious beliefs about money and finances will continue to manifest until you get to the root cause of your inner most being. Many of these emotional blockage as they relate to our wealth come from childhood, and things we learned or experienced along the way.

Stay with me this week, as we delve deeper into the different patters of financial behaviors, and how you can start to break free of those repetitive and negative ways so you can really begin to feel financially self aware and free.


Sandy Fernandez is a Life Coach and Business Consultant; She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. Sandy uses her Intuitive ability collaborated with gentle Yoga sequences & Reiki to remove energetic blockages in her clients. By removing energetic blocks, her clients can live in financial freedom and create abundance in all areas of life.

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