Triple Play, 3 Do’s & Don’ts for Social Media Self Promoting!

Here’s the real reason you are not getting leads from LinkedIn.

It seems that every time I sign into my LinkedIn account my feed is filled with pushy sales people. Everyone seems to be screaming for attention, posting their own personal agenda in their statuses. Professionals all saying buy from me! I can do this! I can do that! Look at the cool stuff I can do, and I can help your clients-but the reality is I don’t know you!!

In an age where social media is king, ‘word of mouth’ marketing is still the key to promoting and maintaining a positive business reputation. Potential customers don’t give much weight to seller messages any more. However, what your current customers are saying about you will either help you sell more (or drive away business). If all you ever post on your LinkedIn feed is a shortened version of your resume I can assure you, you’re likely still going to be knocking on doors to get leads for the sales that you’re probably very capable of handling.

Additionally, If you are sending direct inbox messages which are pretty much viewed as spam; you’re once again making the likely mistake of telling them your work history and what is on your resume. I can assure you no one is going to buy from you. In fact this behavior may even get you blocked.

However, If in your heart of hearts you really are trying to build a genuine online presence using your LinkedIn or any other social media profile then the only way, or actually- one of the few ways to get people to take you seriously, to call you, and to ultimately buy from you, is to show them why they should.

So how do you do that?

#1 Write! Write a blog post, write an article, write a short story ,write something! You need to show value added, and show your audience why you are an expert in your field.
People love to hear stories, The good, the bad, and the down and dirty. So go ahead and tell your audience the kinds of people you help, how you help them, and why people choose you.

Common stories with relatable subject matters happen every day. We come into contact with all types of scenario’s when we’re in business. Sometimes we encounter quite unique ones as well. If you tell your story, you allow people hear about how you helped others with kindness, and they see how you went above and beyond with care. You can mention how you collaborate with other industry professionals. Perhaps you often refer your clients to specialty professionals that handle things out of your scope. Take the time to show your prospective clients, and your viewing audience how you are able to reach across the isle and work cooperatively with others in an effort to help everyone achieve their goals.

When you start to share stories about how you lend a helping hand, people become engaged and they will relate to you. They will also relate to the situations of your customers. I’m sure many of you know someone that has a similar situations. Some “free” advice is how you relate, and how you will differentiate yourself from all the other screaming heads on LinkedIn and social media.

#2 Helping is the new selling!
Be a good Samaritan! If you attend networking events, fundraisers or charitable affairs, post it, share it, and if you have a picture of you in action, show it off! We are living in a visual world, and seeing is believing. If you have a cause you are truly passionate about, Let your audience see your heart, and your humanitarian side. Perhaps your company donated services or money  to an organization; you will certainly want to brag about it. The key is to show people that you’re human, that you smile, you laugh, and most of all that you care about your community and others. It shows that you want to help other people, and that it’s not always all about you. Keep this quote in mind: “You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough people get what they want” Zig Ziglar

#3 Keep it ‘old fashioned’. The tried and true way to attract new clients is to ask your existing clients for referrals! It’s very difficult to have complete strangers you’ve met online to trust you with their most intimate of concerns, like finances, health or legal advice. Commonly people do business with the person that they trust, and it’s likely they were chosen because someone they trust suggested it. But now, if you are looking for a more modern way to ask for referrals: Then use a reverse tactic! Ask your favorite customers to write a review about you. I’m sure you know exactly who you can ask! These are the clients who call you for everything and at all hours, sometimes they ask you for advice on things you don’t even do. These people are your Fan’s! Think about how Yelp, or Trip Advisor works. How many time have you chosen a place based on someones else’s opinion of it? If you have the ability to create a Yelp account for your business, go for it. With that said- lets state the obvious; you’ll have to take the good with the bad. However, for those of you who don’t have Yelp capability for yourself or your business, you can still ask your clients for a review or recommendation and post them to your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook, Instagram, website or blogs! What most people believe today- are the things others are saying about you.

So next time you find yourself posting a status about your services, and all the super cool and fancy things you and your company can do…pause; and choose your social media soap box carefully.

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