Regrets, To few to mention..

I started to think about destiny, and fate. How even though we take different roads in our life, what’s meant to be, will always be. There is no way to change that, its fate.

The one thing I’ve always been adamant about in my life is to ”never regret”.  Now, before you get all over me about this topic, let me explain…

Do I sometime wish I had made different choices? Yes, I’ll admit that. But that’s what hindsight is for. That is what maturity and age teaches you. Only as you surpass those questionable moments you begin to realize that ‘if you knew then, what you know now’ but why Regret them?

If you look back at your life, you will see that every choice you made was done with the best options you had available to you at that time. Well,except maybe that one night you were drunk. Crazy thing is, you only have the present moment to decide. The retrospection of the uncertainty in an instant. Never fully understanding if your choices will follow you around into your future lends itself to the notion that at some juncture it could come back to haunt you with remorse, guilt and regret.

Simple said, don’t let that get to you. You are human. You made your choices, and some were mistakes, but not all. They were are all part of your destiny.

What you need to be mindful of is the negative feelings you tie to certain periods and decisions in your life.  Those harsh feelings and grudges that you hold against yourself they are the ones that paralyze you from loving yourself. How much longer will you continue to sulk in the puddle of disappointment?

When you begin to realize that ever decision you ever made was the right one you can begin to understand yourself and accept you for You.  There is no one else living your life, there is no one who can answer the way you do, think the way you do, love the way you do, and make life altering choices at a moment’s notice the way you did- and will continue to do.

Even if you could go back and change things, and somehow make them right, fate will eventually lead you to those same places, to those same people, to those same cross roads. Even when you believe things happen unintended your wrong. There are no coincidences. All those chance happenings and sudden encounters, repetitions in situations, patterns in behavior’s- that is your synchronicity. Those are the signs that lead you to your destiny.  So don’t ever regret them.

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