Valentine’s Perspective

Valentine’s Day is a time where most singles loathe the idea of love,it magnifies their loneliness and shoves rose colored happiness in your face. However, in order to find love you cannot hate the experiences that have shaped you. You must embrace all your broken empty spaces and fill them with what you most desire- and that is Love.

Broken hearts and broken promises are many times the left over remnants of what you once had within a wonderful love; but if you are to ever experience love again you must embrace the feelings of affection and romance even if they are not yet found within someone else. You see no matter how many times you’ve had your heart broken, You have to always believe in love and in the notion that you will you have a happily ever after. However, it is not until you experience the greatest love of all which is self love that you can learn to embrace what you are so eagerly chasing after. Understanding why past relationships never worked, and seeing through your heart that perhaps you were to caught up in the magic of a moment with a person who was all wrong for you. Maybe you wanted to believed in someone else so much that you compromised your heart and emotions, You entrusted your most precious cargo to a reckless driver.

Yet once you learn that you need to give yourself the love you were once giving everyone else is when you can be able to accept the Love you knew you deserved from the start. Turn your romance inward, and embrace the celebration of love in all its forms. When you pause and allow yourself to feel it you can sense your heart race and your soul become filled will overwhelming joy. It is at those very moments that you can be certain of what you want. To love and be loved in return. If you want to attract love into your life, you must find the candy colored hearts within yourself and allow it to reflect outward. Love isn’t something you look for, love is something you become.


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