Energetically, Your budget sucks!

Recently in a group chat with some friends we began planing for our annual girls weekend and get away. However, one of the girls in the chat said that she wouldn’t be attending this years trip because she was on a budget and needed to get out of debt. Her tone seemed heavy, even via text. While most of our friends applauded her for her diligence and commitment to her cause, I began thinking. Why should your budget stop you from taking a trip 8 months from now?

That’s when it hit me-Energetically, your budget sucks.

Vibe check- your setting a budget to pay off your debt all the while you are cutting of things that bring you happiness and joy. Sorry to break the news to you, but you are continuing to come from a place of lack! You are sending a message into the universe that you don’t have enough, and you don’t trust it to provide more to you. You are also unconsciously programing into your thoughts that you don’t want to have any fun or pleasure because basically you are punished for poor financial behavior. You feel guilty about the debt you have incurred, you feel shameful for being frivolous with your money in the past and now-you are gonna be put on a time out. Is that really the energy you want to infuse your money with?

I’m not saying that creating a disciplined approach to finances is bad, on the contrary! But I am saying that your vibe? Your vibe is all wrong! 

Vibrationally, when you decide that you want to create budget for yourself here are few things you need to pay attention too.

  1. Forgive yourself for being irresponsible with your money! Forgiveness comes from the heart chakra. This also the place from where a lot of emotional spending comes from. Often times feelings of wanting to be fulfilled and loved led you buy things you really didn’t need.  Pro Tip! If you run down of your bank statements I’m sure you will quickly uncover where the heart of your money beats.
  2. When you make your list of debt to payoff (or save) list the purpose! Why do you want to accomplish this? Seeing things for what they are, and being realistic about them stimulates the sixth chakra of intuition. Clearly visualizing your debt and seeing actual amounts written down allows you remove the illusion of how or why you got into this mess. Facing realty is never easy, but it is necessary.
  3. Now you are ready to set your budget! Leverage your action chakra, the third chakra to create and action plan. Set a realistic plan and budget of how much you can set aside each month to pay down the balances on your debt or save. Pro Tip-Don’t set a “rainy day” fund, because all you’ll attract will be rainy days!
  4.  Leave room in the budget for pleasure and fun! No one like to sad! So using your second chakra you can live space to live your passion and have fun in the process! Punishing yourself on a budget will only lead to you to rebelling from it, and possibly slapping the entire thing!
  5. Trust the Universe! Trust that money will flow to young give up the notion that you have to work hard for it, or that it can only come from your job! Connect to the Crown Chakra, the seventh chakra in order to connect to the infinite supply of the universe and see your credit cards and loan balance at a zero balance and see your saving account in tripled digits!

Budgets are like diets, if you cut out everything you love, you will eventually succumb to what your cravings. Life is about balance and finding a way to walk the line is the trickiest part of it all. So when you make the choice to spend less and save more make sure you are not doing it from an energetic place of lack or fear.Don’t be afraid that “something bad” will happen if you don’t save or pay off debt, and certainly don’t tell yourself that you can afford to enjoy a few simple things during the month.

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