Sandy Fernandez Enlightens Her Audience On “Women & Wealth – RedefiningMoney From The Female Perspective,” At The Money 2.0 Conference, 2022

It was an absolute honor for the Money 2.0 Conference to have Sandy Fernandez,
President & Founder of Karmic Currency, as a speaker and honoree at its Spring Edition,
held at The Mirage, Las Vegas, USA, on April 11-13, 2022.
The Money 2.0 Conference is a prestigious gathering that promotes global
communication between financial analysts, FinTech pioneers, and business leaders. It
offers a venue for the community to come together and discuss how to improve the
financial services and FinTech sectors.
Sandy Fernandez began her speaker session on the subject “Women & Wealth-
Redefining Money From The Female Perspective” by engaging the audience with her
work experience.
Fernandez’s many years of banking and finance background gave her more hands-on
experience of the gender bias in this industry than anyone else. She was forced to feel
inferior to her colleagues, and her opinions were not regarded much in the workplace,
which encouraged her to build something new and of her own.
Often known as the Money Angel, Fernandez is the President and Founder of Karmic
Currency, the energy behind business and finance. She offers a holistic approach to
money and believes it is more than a currency; it is a current that runs through a person’s
She helps her clients understand their money mindset to achieve their financial goals
practically, Whether it be setting a budget, planning for home ownership, getting out of
debt, or establishing or repairing personal or business credit. she gives her clients and
students a holistic approach to money by uncovering chakra blocks and developing
strategic plans to align their desired financial and business goals into realistic and
attainable metrics.
Her venture, Karmic Currency, takes the anxiety out of money and financial decisions by
incorporating spiritual practices such as yoga, reiki, theta healing, astrology, and human

For over 22 years, Sandy Fernandez has worked in the financial services industry,
holding several licenses and certifications. As a former Vice President for a financial
institution, she and her team held $90 million under her portfolio management. She
proved to be a force to be reckoned with exceptional leadership, communication, and
strong sales talents.
She was often reprimanded for being a “maverick” for frequently challenging the
corporate status quo. In 2017, she let go of her high profile and turned the circumstances
around by leveraging her skills and her financial acumen. She could tap into her
entrepreneurial spirit and inborn courage to take challenges with the same finesse that
had come to define her life and career.
In addition to speaking from her own life experiences about the prevalence of gender
biases, she shared a video snippet from a movie scene that displayed an instance of
standing against gender discrimination in an organization. Finance and banking are often
considered male-dominated fields. This preconceived notion needs to be changed to give
women a fair share to represent their views and opinions in decision-making. Their
income and investment decisions must be acknowledged and acted upon in the right
Before the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was enacted in 1974, women were prohibited
from opening bank accounts or applying for credit cards. Without their husbands’ or
fathers’ permission, a single woman was essentially out of luck unless she could find a
male co-signer to vouch for her, in the case she could no longer pay due to pregnancy.
Although a lot has changed since the 70s, women still have a long way to go.
According to Sandy, for women to truly obtain wealth, they must continue to fight
through the static interference that interrupts their growth. Noise in the form of self-
limiting beliefs, the social messages that we are only good as nurtures and helpmates vs.
the true challenge they face, which is to be seen as an equal.
Towards the end of the speaker session, Fernandez displayed enthusiasm to answer the
questions put forward by the audience regarding tips to encourage an individual’s relation with money, women leadership, changes within the domestic sphere to avoid gender
stereotypes, etc.

In addition to enlightening the conference’s attendees with her approach, Sandy was also
honored with the Outstanding Leadership Award. She took the opportunity in an
interview to describe her experience of winning the laurel. She claimed it to have been a
beautiful journey, and the leadership award was a huge encouragement for her to work
more on the unique concept of her project of revolutionizing money and changing an
individual’s outlook.
According to her, the Money 2.0 Conference helped her understand various financial
perspectives and learn about this sector’s future, especially new dynamics such as the
inclusion of technology in finance.
The Money 2.0 Conference will address various topics over its subsequent events in Las
Vegas and Dubai, including digital investments, cybersecurity, technical advancements,
corporate management, insurance scams and fraud, AI in insurance and finance, and
much more. The team behind the conference intends to bring about a positive change in
this crucial sector, whose main objective is to make the lives of everyone on the planet
better and more financially secure.

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