Heal and unleash your highest power as you manifest limitless prosperity and financial abundance. Own your worth, ditch your money blocks, and finally reach that next level you’ve been waiting for & do it in just 30 days!

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Introduction to Your Chakras & Money

Karmic Currency – The Energy Behind Business and Finance

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  • You want to identify your money triggers
  • You want deepen your understanding with your souls currency
  • You want to use proven tools to curve negative spending habits
  • You are ready to heal and repair your credit and finances
  • You want to heal your reckless emotional spending
  • You are ready to expand your knowledge around the chakras system
  • You are ready to manifest a lifestyle that aligns with your personal values
  • You are ready to eliminate toxic debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • You’ve tried other traditional “money fixes” and they didn’t work…

Karmic Currency offers a holistic approach to Finance. Our unique philosophy allows you to discover how your money mindset and personal chakra energy impact your relationship with your finances and your business. Money is energy and more than just a “currency” it is a current that flows through your life.

Sandy Fernandez, President and Founder of Karmic Currency will teach you how each part of your financial picture is associated with a different chakra, helping you free yourself from limiting beliefs and connect to your true abundance.

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