What’s in your wallet?

Over the holidays I had created a little pile of items I needed to place inside my wallet. One of the items being my new drivers license with my new address, but I had been so busy I hadn’t gotten around to putting it away. However, now that the holidays are over I stared at the small pile on my bedroom dresser, and I contemplated putting off this little task yet again; but thats when I got to thinking about my relationship with money and why I had been avoiding my wallet.

Typically when people think about the new year they begin to plan out their goals, and make a list of tasks they want to achieve. In addition, we also spend time cleaning up and decluttering. We throw out what we don’t need, and make room for new things in our homes and in our lives. But have you ever cleaned out your wallet as part of your new years detox process? If you are serious about creating positive energy and allowing new opportunities to manifest, your wallet needs to be carefully reviewed.

It amazing the things we keep inside there. A persons wallet is so very personal that it could easily be your fingerprint. Every piece of paper in your wallet is like a tiny kept secret. Receipts of purchases that read like a food diary, business cards from people you want to do business with, or maybe even a picture of your kids inside. Yet, this is all just filler to the important things we carry in there too, such as your Drivers license, Credit cards, and Cash.

However, with all that nonsense we tote in our wallets have you ever stopped to think that the items you carry it in could be attracting a negative energy cash flow.


In other words, the popular “whats in your wallet” (said in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice) could actually be creating a negative energetic current. In order to create abundance and attract a positive flow of financial energy you will have to take a good look inside your wallet.

For example: if your wallet has some sort of strap or rubber band around it, or If its filled with junk, then your are likely attracting negativity. Messy wallets are signs of someone who is not very good at keeping their money house in order and messy wallets could result in late payments. Also, make sure that everything in your wallet is up to date. Remove old membership cards, rewards cards, expired credit cards or any other cards that you don’t need. Consider when and how long you need to hold on to old papers and receipts. You don’t want to keep stagnant energy around. Receipts actually carry energy of money spent. All that subtraction keeps magnifying energy of lack and necessity. Plus, if you are an emotional spender keeping those receipts will continue to tug at your heart with shoppers remorse. The last thing you want is to open your wallet and be reminded of how you shouldn’t have spent “all that money”


Keeping your wallet clutter free is the best way to attract financial abundance. When you can open your wallet you should be able to clearly see everything you need at a glance. You are also more likely to tune into and visualize your wallet filled with money. When you see it in our minds eye you can easily raise your money vibrations to attract prosperity. When you see your wallet tidy you can begin to think of thoughts such as “how can I fill my wallet” and your mind will immediately picture it filled with cash and checks! The more you see it with your mind the more you are able to manifest and create the financial abundance you want.

For good measure you should always have cash in your wallet, even if its just a few bucks. For added fortune and abundance keep a $2 bill inside. Keeping a small stone inside your wallet if possible such as Aventurine, Tigers Eye or Jade also help boost prosperity.

So go ahead, take a look. What’s in your wallet?

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